Eduarts® Holiday Intensive Drama Programme

In this programme, students will read, discuss, analyze, think, write and rehearse critically. Student will develop an understanding and an appreciation for classic literature.

With the emphasis of activities and rehearsals, the programme creates real context for the students to acquire various generic skills. It also creates authentic setting for the students to acquire skills in speaking, listening, and reading English.

  • The students will be empowered to use English in an authentic setting.
  • To enhance the students’ ability and confidence in using English.
  • To create real context for the students to acquire various generic skills: collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and self-management skills.
  • The students will find learning a purpose and in the process of their learning, acquire language and interpersonal skills.
  • To give students a sense of achievement when their work is appreciated.
  • The students will develop an awareness of literature as a record of human experience.

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