Primary Schools

1. Drama: We bring our Founder Dr. Vicki Ooi’s decades of drama teaching experiences into your classroom. Choose our readymade adaptations of classic tales, or have us adapt from your Readers. Or have your students devise their own plays.

  • Tailor made to suit all levels of English requirements, to be output within two terms.
  • Taught through theatre games
  • Confidence and fluency in oral communication
  • Enhancement of creative and intuitive thinking
  • Stimulation of critical thinking

2. Multiple Intelligences: Explores the 8 multiple intelligences and bridge from their strength to their weakness based on Howard Gardner’s theory. It is not how smart the children are but how they are smart.

  • Children are motivated to learn when they discover there are different ways of learning.
  • Children gain confidence in learning as they are guided to improve their weaker intelligences by bridging them from their strong intelligences.

3. Communication Skills: Students will be given chances to train their oral skills for Hong Kong Schools Speech Festivals or some of the most prestigious public examinations such as the Trinity Guildhall Examinations

  • Enhancement of communication skills (e.g. maintaining eye contact and voice modulation)
  • Ability to plan and prepare a short, well organised presentation.

4. Creative Writing: Tailor-made to syllabus requirements, also available for gifted writers.

  • Develop prewriting strategies to organise and plan their writing
  • Develop strategies for editing their work
  • Develop confidence in themselves as writers
  • Develop their interest to write voluntarily